Billing and Shipping Rental Program

Billing frequency

The billing cycle starts on the date the machine is shipped from the CleanParts facility. The first month is prorated for the number of days the machine is out, based on a 28 day billing cycle. A new bill is generated every 28 days (4 weeks x 7 days/week). The same is true when the machine is returned. The billing period ends on the day the machine is received back at the CleanParts facility.

  • Example: If your machine shipped (8) days prior to the billing cycle and your monthly rental was $416, your first invoice would be for $416 x 8 days/28 days – $118.85. On the next billing cycle, you would receive a bill for the full $416.

Security deposit

CleanParts rental agreements require a one month rental as a security deposit on each parts washer. The security deposit needs to be paid and received by CleanParts prior to shipment.

Extending the rental term

When you first begin renting your CleanParts parts washer, you will select either a 3, 6, or 12 month rental term. If you decide to extend your rental agreement term, CleanParts will extend the better pricing for the balance of the contract. As an example, if you originally signed up for a 6 month term in January and in July you decide that you want the washer for the remainder of the year, upon notification to us, we will update your contract and bill at the 12 month rate until the machine is returned. The new rental rate will be applied to the next full billing cycle (no prorate). Please keep in mind that the new rates apply only going forward, not back. If we are not notified, we will continue to bill month-to-month at the original agreed upon rate until the machine is returned.

Returning before the rental term is up

If for some reason your process changes or you do not need the parts washer, it can be returned to us. Upon return, you will be obligated to pay for a minimum contract period of 3 months. If you return a machine early, your monthly rate will be based upon the 3 month contract rate, but you will only be billed from the time the parts washer left our facility to the time it was returned. Please keep in mind that minimum billing would be 3 months. If you signed a 3 month contract and return the machine after the first month, you will still be obligated to pay for a 3 month rental term.

Automatic charges

With your signed permission, we will automatically bill either your Visa or MasterCard credit card for the amount of your monthly rental. An invoice and credit card receipt will be mailed each billing cycle as a confirmation of the charge.

Shipping charges

You are responsible for the charges for the parts washer shipment to your facility and the return shipment to the CleanParts facility. We would be happy to assist with the shipping arrangements and make suggestions regarding the most economical and best methods of shipment transportation.

Billing for shipping charges

Billing for the parts washer shipment can be handled in one of two ways. If you have a preferred carrier, the freight charges can be billed collect to your account. If you do not have a preferred carrier or have an account with a specified carrier, we can make the shipping arrangements and you can prepay and add the shipping charges to your first billing cycle.

Purchasing your rental parts washer

CleanParts rental parts washers are available for sale. Each machine has a buy-out value that is determined by CleanParts. Machines can be purchased out right or can be financed through our machine leasing program.

Additional charges upon return

All rental units are inspected and tested prior to shipping to a rental customer. When a machine comes back from a rental, it is inspected and tested. Items that need replacing due to normal use are replaced at no cost to the previous renter. Items that are broken or damaged are deducted from the security deposit or charged back to the customer if the cost is greater than the security deposit.

Sales tax

Depending on what you are using the parts washer to clean, sales tax may or may not be applicable. For in-process manufacturing of parts, it is likely that sales tax will not be charged. For use in a tool room or non-production activity, sales tax may be applicable. Given that we do not know the specific use of each machine, we ask that customers who are exempt from sales tax complete a tax exemption certificate for our files.