General Information Rental Program

Machine models available for rent:

  • CleanParts 2836F Shop Series cabinet parts washer
  • CleanParts 3648F Shop Series cabinet parts washer

Accessories Offered

We offer several add-on accessories that are billed monthly in conjunction with the machine rental. Standard available accessories include:

  • Intermediate table
  • Blowoff gun
  • Powered scrub brush
  • Detail brush
  • External filter chamber
  • Exhaust fan
rental cabinet parts washer

Voltages available

CleanParts cabinet washers are available in the following voltages:

Model 2836F:

  • 230V/1PH/60Hz (standard)
  • 230V/3PH/60Hz
  • 460V/3PH/60Hz

Model 3648:

  • 230V/3PH/60Hz
  • 460V/3PH/60Hz (standard)

Electrical disconnect switch

All CleanParts rental units include a fused electrical disconnect switch for hooking power into the electrical control panel.

Power cord

Given the fact that we do not know the distance to your nearest electrical service, we do not supply an electrical cord with rental CleanParts cabinet washers.

Cleaning chemistry

With each rental contract, CleanParts will provide the required amount of our CleanParts brand cleaning chemistry for a first-time run of the machine. Based on your application, we will recommend a cleaning chemistry that will best fit your needs.

With prior approval from CleanParts, you may use other brand cleaning detergents. There are several brand-name detergents that are compatible with our parts washing equipment but we require that all chemistries other than the CleanParts brand be preapproved before use. The CleanParts machines are designed for use with alkaline, water-based cleaning detergents only. Acid-based chemistries cannot be used in any CleanParts parts washers.

Cleaning the machine prior to return

The renter is responsible to thoroughly clean the rental parts cleaning system prior to returning it to CleanParts. All oil, grease and other contamination needs to be flushed out completely. If the parts cleaning system is returned and is not clean, then the renter could be subject to a cleaning charge which will be withheld from the security deposit.

Machine break-down or component failure

One of the advantages of the CleanParts rental program is the peace of mind in knowing that if a major component on the machine fails, we will send out a new component free of charge. We will supply the replacement component and provide your maintenance personnel the instructions needed to replace the faulty component. Once the item is removed from the machine, we require that it be returned to us for inspection. Upon sending a replacement part, we will invoice for the replacement. Upon return of the faulty component, if it is determined that the item failed under normal use, then a credit will be issued to offset the invoiced amount.

Disposal of used cleaning solution

The renter is responsible for the disposal of the used cleaning solution. The detergents that we provide are water-based cleaning soaps. In most instances, the contamination being washed from the parts is a greater concern than the cleaning solution itself. For some applications, the water/soap may be able to be disposed directly to a drain. We recommend that you check with your local sewer authority to determine the acceptable pH level and parts per million of oil/grease contamination and any other limitations on what can be disposed directly to a drain.