Cabinet Washer Model 4860F (Shop Series)

The CleanParts cabinet washer model 4860F is designed for cleaning a variety of parts. This washer is equipped with a 48″ diameter turntable capable of handling parts up to 60″ tall.

  • Space saving roll-in door
  • Swing-down spray bar
  • Automatic water fill
  • Stainless steel belt oil skimmer
  • Forklift accessibility
  • Removable part tray
  • Debris-flushing spray bar
economical parts washer layout

Features offers many features as standard while our competitors only offer as options.

The space-saving roll-in-door is designed to nest into the back of the machine rather then open out into the room. Most front-loading parts washers have a hinge-mounted door that swings out and away from the machine. The roll-in-door feature saves on valuable floor space and prevents wash solution from dripping onto the floor.

Each parts washing machines includes a removable part tray. The tray includes heavy steel construction with a heavy gauge expanded metal bottom. Parts are placed within the tray for cleaning. Open mesh design allows spray coverage for cleaning the bottom of the parts. Easily accessible handles are provided for tray removal, for periodic inspection and maintenance of the interior of the machine.

The turntable drive system consists of a fixed-speed gearmotor that drives a sprocket and chain drive system. The turntable rotates on a spindle assembly.

Stainless steel spray nozzles are provided on the spray bars for flushing of wash solution over parts. Nozzles are threaded and removable for cleaning.

CleanParts cabinet washers include an upper spray bar that is located near the top of the inside of the machine. The upper nozzles spray down onto the parts for cleaning top surfaces. A swing-down spray bar is included for cleaning low-profile parts. In the horizontal position, it provides close spray coverage for smaller parts. In the vertical position, the spray bar acts as a side spray manifold for larger parts. The spray bar conveniently tucks back along the sidewall of the machine. parts washers include a debris flushing spray bar, which is designed to keep the shed sheet under the rotary table clean. Debris washed from the parts falls onto the shed sheet and is directed toward the strainer basket, where it can be easily removed from the parts washer.

Sprayed solution is collected on shed sheets which direct the solution to a removable perforated stainless steel strainer basket for collection. The strainer basket captures debris, minimizing contamination build-up in the solution tank and preventing clogging of the spray nozzles. The solution passes through the strainer basket screen and into the tank to be reheated. The strainer basket is also designed to accept filter bags for finer filtration if desired.

With water-based parts washers, evaporation occurs naturally. Water make-up can be done automatically, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor the solution level. A level sensor actuates a solenoid valve when the solution level is low, allowing water to enter the machine.

If the solution level reaches a “low” level, the pump and heat source will shut off to prevent damage until solution reaches adequate levels.

Wash cycle operation is controlled by a rotary style dial timer. After loading dirty parts into the machine, the operator shuts the door and turns the cycle start timer to the desired wash time. Time selection from 0 to 30 minutes allows the operator to run the machine wash cycle uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes. The timer is fully adjustable and can be turned off mid-cycle if desired.

Operating at the correct solution temperature will optimize the cleaning performance and save on energy costs. A thermostat controller allows the operator to adjust the heat setting to achieve the desired operating temperature. Heating elements will automatically cycle on/off to maintain the set temperature.

The CleanParts cabinet washer is equipped with a programmable 7 day/24 hour heat timer. When first turned on, all heated parts washers require heat-up time to get up to operating temperature. Failure to properly heat the wash solution can lead to foaming and/or poor cleaning. The machine heat can be set to automatically turn on prior to a shift start time so the parts washer is ready to start when the operator arrives.

The solution tank is heated with electric heating elements, which are controlled by the operator using a thermostat on the control panel.

The CleanParts cabinet washer includes a door position safety sensor. The sensor prevents the part washer from running if the door is not in a closed position. If the door is opened during operation, the safety sensor shuts down the wash pump and parts turntable.

CleanParts parts washers are equipped with a belt-type oil skimmer as a standard feature. A belt-type oil skimmer removes floating contaminants from the surface of the solution. The 1” belt is constructed of stainless steel and can remove up to 0.5 gal/hr of floating oils as it passes by a scraper blade. A machine-mounted oil collection can is available as an added accessory. Unlike disc-style skimmers, belt-type skimmers do not lose their ability to remove contaminants with varying solution levels.

Oil skimmers work most effectively when the machine is idle and the solution in the tank is calm. The optimum time to run the oil skimmer is in the evening, or whenever the parts washer is not in use. part washing systems include a 7 day/24 hour programmable oil skimmer timer. The timer can be programmed to automatically turn on when the machine will not be in use.

For convenient part loading and unloading, a turntable jog switch is provided. The turntable jog switch allows the operator to rotate the internal parts basket, so parts are easily accessible for unloading. When loading large parts, the jog switch allows the operator to rotate the turntable providing room for additional parts. This feature also assists the operator when detail cleaning is required.

Rotary table parts cleaning machines rotate parts past the spray nozzles for optimal part cleaning. A removable parts basket on the turntable is designed to keep parts in place. However, parts may shift position during the cleaning cycle. Should a jam occur, a safety shut-off switch detects the jam and automatically shuts off the turntable drive.

The wash cycle indicator light is located on the front of the control panel and illuminates during the wash operation, giving a quick visual indicator whether the parts washer is running or idle. cabinet washers come equipped with a water level indication sight gauge. The gauge is constructed of a durable transparent PVC material with a tank volume scale in gallons. A quick visual of the water level in the machine warns of a potential low water condition. If a low water condition occurs, a switch on the level indication gauge will illuminate the “low water indicator light” on the operator control panel.

The low water indicator light is located on the front of the control panel and provides a quick visual indicator if the machine is in a low water condition.

CleanParts parts washers are designed to rest on heavy duty steel channels. Pockets under the machine provide easy forklift accessibility.


The following optional accessories can be purchased with our CleanParts cabinet parts washers.

Heated wash solution generates steam. Steam removal is recommended for operator comfort and minimizing humidity. The CleanParts cabinet parts washers are equipped with an exhaust port at the top of the machine, which can be used to hook into your existing exhaust system or for mounting our optional exhaust fan. The exhaust fan system draws steam vapor from inside the washer for venting outside. The fan automatically turns on at the end of the wash cycle and runs for a preset time. External ducting is required.

A mist collector can be used in place of an exhaust fan for venting steam from the parts washer directly into the room. The mist collector exhaust system removes steam from the interior of the machine and vents directly to room atmosphere. Cooler room air is mixed with air from the wash system to assist in reducing moisture in exhaust air. Mist collectors can be used in place of conventional exhaust fans and do not require external ducting. The mist collector automatically turns on at the end of the wash cycle and runs for a preset time. rotary table parts cleaning machines come equipped with a removable parts basket. The intermediate table is an optional secondary parts basket, which mounts above the primary table on a heavy duty center shaft. The intermediate table increases the available basket area within the machine and doubles the loading capacity for low-profile parts. The intermediate table option includes a center spray pipe, which provides optimal spray coverage for bottom, top, and sides of both the lower and intermediate parts cleaning tables.

Effective filtration methods are important in extending cleaning solution life and assist in keeping the cabinet washer clean. CleanParts cabinet washers are equipped with a stainless steel strainer basket for filtering debris prior to returning to the solution tank. The strainer basket is designed to hold a bag filter for smaller particle removal. (Bag not pictured)

A cycle beacon light can be added to the top of the control panel to provide a visual indication of whether the wash cycle is running or complete. This aids the operator in a high-noise work area, or when the operator is not in close proximity to the washer.

An external filter chamber (micro-filtration) is externally mounted to the machine on the discharge of the solution pump. A stainless steel inner basket holds a disposable bag that filters 100% of a cleaning solution. Filter bags are available in a range of micron sizes, sized based on the application. Filter chambers are available in either stainless steel or mild steel construction.

An oil collection can can be mounted to the side of the parts washer to collect oil discharge from the belt-type oil skimmer. The oil collection container can be easily removed without the use of tools. This is ideal for parts washers that may be moved to various locations within the shop.

A 12″ high x 24″ wide bolt-on, gasketed clean-out door is added to the solution tank to provide access to tank interior for periodic maintenance. The door frame is flush to the tank bottom to facilitate easy tank cleaning.

For parts that are heavily soiled, the detail cleaning brush allows the operator to pre-clean areas with a wash solution prior to the automatic wash cycle. The detail brush is on a flexible hose and is fed with wash solution from the tank by an independent pump. The brush is conveniently mounted on the side of the cabinet washer and is operated by a heavy duty foot switch. In addition, a catch pan is provided for placing the detail brush after use, preventing solution and debris from dripping onto the floor. The catch can is easily removed for cleaning without the need for tools. A hook is provided for storing the hose while not in use.

A heavy duty powered scrub brush is provided for scrubbing difficult-to-clean areas with heavy soils and deposits. The brush comes with a flexible feed hose and has a convenient hand trigger. The powered scrub brush includes a brush holding holster and air hook-up with air shut-off valve.

Some parts contain tapped holes and crevices that can trap solution and debris during the wash cycle. The blowoff gun allows the operator to remove excess moisture from critical areas such as internal passages or blind holes after the wash cycle is complete. The blowoff gun includes a flexible supply hose. A compressed air hook-up with air shut-off valve is also provided.

A properly sized electrical disconnect switch is mounted in the main electrical enclosure. A disconnect switch provides the customer with the ability to shut down power to the washer and also lock out power for maintenance and service to the machine.

For applications requiring the machine to be moved without the use of a forklift, machine casters are available. The casters allow the parts washer to be rolled on smooth and flat surfaces. The casters are easily attached to the cabinet washer frame.

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