Rent Model 3648F

Enjoy the benefits of a quality parts washer without the commitment of ownership.

The CleanParts cabinet washer model 3648F is designed for cleaning a variety of parts. This washer is equipped with a 36″ diameter turntable capable of handling parts up to 48″ tall.

Rental Machine Pricing

Pricing includes base machine without optional accessories.

Product 3 Month Rental 6 Month Rental 12 Month Rental
Model 3648F $579.00/mo. $539.00/mo. $498.00/mo.

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Rental Accessory Pricing

The following optional accessories can be rented with our CleanParts cabinet parts washers.

Accessory 3 Month Rental 6 Month Rental 12 Month Rental
Intermediate Table $58.00/mo. $53.00/mo. $48.00/mo.
Blowoff Gun $19.00/mo. $17.00/mo. $15.00/mo.
Power Scrub Brush $27.00/mo. $25.00/mo. $23.00/mo.
Detail Cleaning Brush $27.00/mo. $25.00/mo. $23.00/mo.
Filter Chamber $89.00/mo. $84.00/mo. $76.00/mo.
Exhaust Fan $74.00/mo. $69.00/mo. $62.00/mo.

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CleanParts Rental Program is one of the few companies that offers a true parts washer rental program. We maintain a current fleet so you can be sure that you receive a well-maintained parts cleaning machine. By renting with, you can enjoy the benefits of a quality parts washer without the commitment of ownership.

Reasons for renting a parts washer:

  1. The right equipment for the job: Renting allows you the ability to try a machine for a set period of time without having to commit to a purchase or a long-term contract.
  2. Free technical support: When you rent a parts washer from, you will have access to free technical support to help you get the optimum performance from your rental machine.
  3. Conserve capital: Rent the equipment you need and conserve working capital.
  4. Free starter chemical: With each rental contract, will provide the required amount of wash detergent for first-time charge up of the machine. Based on your application, personnel will recommend a cleaning detergent that will best fit your needs.
  5. Free disposable filter bags: All parts washer rental programs include three (3) disposable filter bags for catching debris that is washed off of your parts. Filter bags help keep the machine clean and extend the life of the cleaning solution.
  6. Purchase credits: After renting a machine, if you determine that it makes more sense to own it, rental credits may be applied toward the purchase.
  7. Satisfy a short production run: If you have a job shop and intermittently manufacture products for your customers that need clean parts, a rental machine may make the most sense from an economical standpoint.
  8. Help with choosing a machine: If you are having trouble deciding what is the best machine for your cleaning application, call 1-800-969-7960 for a free cleaning consultation. After gathering some information, we will make a recommendation to help you tackle your parts cleaning needs.

How the rental program works:

  1. Choose the size of the machine you feel would best fit your needs.
  2. Complete a one-page rental agreement.
  3. Pay the security deposit by check or credit card.
  4. We ship the machine to you.
  5. Drain, clean, and return the machine in the condition you received it in.