Frequently Asked Questions

What type of parts can I clean in a CleanParts parts washer?

The CleanParts front-loading parts washers are designed to clean a wide variety of parts in a multitude of various industries. These parts cleaning machines are designed to spray heated water and soap or detergent for efficiently removing unwanted soils such as chips, oil, coolant, dirt, dust, grease, and grime.

CleanParts parts washing equipment is ideally suited for repair applications for the cleaning and degreasing of automotive engine components, car parts, small engine components, ATV parts, bicycle parts, tractor parts, lawn and garden components, motorcycle parts, heavy equipment parts, tools, wheels, transmission components, brake parts, batteries, engine parts, and much more. The CleanParts machines are extremely versatile and can help save time and labor associated with manual parts cleaning. The CleanParts parts washers are a proven system for removing unwanted contaminants for repair and rebuild applications.

The CleanParts machines are also well suited for newly manufactured parts. These machines can clean machine coolant, chips, machining oils, stamping oils, drawing compounds, and other soils introduced during manufacturing operations. The front-loading cabinet washers are compact so they require minimal floor space and are designed to fit into tight manufacturing work cells.

Are CleanParts cabinet washers environmentally friendly?

The CleanParts parts cleaning machines are environmentally friendly parts washers. The primary cleaning media is water. Used in conjunction with a water-based soap or detergent, these systems are very effective in removing grease, oil, chips, and other unwanted soils from dirty parts. The CleanParts aqueous parts washers are not intended to use solvents or other hazardous materials. There are several cleaning detergents available for cleaning a wide variety of products. Even though the CleanParts parts washers are “green” parts washers, always keep in mind that the soils being removed may not be. Check with your local sewer authority to determine if the soil you are removing can be discharged directly to the drain and what the acceptable volume of discharge is.

Are CleanParts machines offered in stainless steel?

Yes, the CleanParts cabinet parts washers are offered in stainless steel as an option. There are several benefits to stainless steel machines over carbon steel, but there is also an added cost. Please contact us for a quote on upgrading to a stainless steel model. If your application requires a custom, stainless steel cleaning system, you’ll find more options at

Do I need a filter bag for the removable chip basket?

All of the CleanParts front loading cabinet washers include a stainless steel removable chip basket for filtering debris. The chip basket is cylindrical in shape and is designed to hold a standard disposable filter bag. Installing a removable bag in the chip basket has four distinct advantages: First, it prevents debris from settling on the parts washer tank bottom. Second, it extends solution life by keeping debris out of the solution tank. Third, it can extend the life of your heating elements by minimizing debris build-up. Finally, it makes periodic maintenance much less time consuming. Filter bags are easily and quickly replaced, eliminating the added labor associated with flushing out the basket. The bags are readily available in varying filter material sizes.

Can a CleanParts cabinet washer be moved around the shop?

Our cabinet washers are designed to accept machine casters, which come in a bolt-on kit. The casters can be installed at the time of original purchase or you can add them at your location. Once the casters are in place, the cabinet washers can be rolled on a smooth, flat surface, making it a mobile parts washer. One thing to keep in mind is that most parts cleaning machines are equipped with an exhaust fan which should be vented outside of the building. The exhaust piping is typically vented through the ceiling or a wall which may require that the machine be placed in a set location. CleanParts does offer a mist collector which allows the machine to be vented directly into the room. The mist collector will take out a large amount of moisture from the exhaust stream, but the exhaust air is still extremely humid.

What is the importance of a low-water safety shut-off feature?

At CleanParts we feel that low water safety shut-off feature is very important on all parts washers; so important that we include it on every model. The purpose of the low water shut-off is to protect the pump and heat source in the event that the parts washer loses water that is not being replenished. A low water sensor is triggered, which disables the pump and the heat. By disabling the pump, you prevent cavitation, which can ruin the pump. It is also important to disable the heating elements. If energized while not submerged, immersion-style electric heating elements will burn out.

What type of cleaning chemistry should I use?

CleanParts supplies our own brand of alkaline cleaning chemistry that is approved for use in our parts washers. There are four types available. Other brands of cleaning chemistry may also be used, as long as they are alkaline water-based detergents.